When is the best time to reach you by phone?     

  Would you like to receive periodical emails from TAFA?
  (may include events schedule, articles, foundation updates, or a how-do-you-do)   

  Describe what kinds of things you would like to do for TAFA.
   (We are looking for volunteers to visit people in hospitals and nursing homes, organize visiting and related programs, perform by    singing, playing an instrument, comedy etc., and/or help with things which keep TAFA running, like fundraising and office work.
   If any of these interest you or if there is something else you'd like to do, type them below. SPACE: unlimited)

  Do you drive AND have access to a car?  

  Are you able and willing to drive other people?  

  Are you comfortable using a computer?  

  How often would you like to volunteer?  


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